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Removed Gall Bladder Stones

Case No: GBS-9021Date of Visit: 18-Jul-2013
Pt. Name: Mr. Yash GeminiStone Removed on: 10-Aug-2013
Father’s Name: Mr. Jai Kumar GeminiSample given on: 14-Aug-2013
Case No: GBS-9008Date of Visit: 23-June-2013
Pt. Name: Mrs. Veena SharmaStone Removed on: 18-July-2013
Husband’s Name: Mr. Rahul SharmaSample given on: 25-July-2013
Case No: DP-2645Date: 15-June-2013
Pt. Name: Mr. Naney Lal TandekarStone Removed on: 29-July-2013
Case No: 8449Date of visit: 24-March-2013
Pt. Name: Mrs. Monika JainStone Removed on: 02-June-2013
Case No: GBS-9006Date of visit: 23-June-2013
Pt. Name: Mr. Anuranjan JainStone Removed on: 9-July-2013


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Removed Gall Bladder Stones