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Complications after Gall Bladder removal


I met lots of people who removed their Gall Bladder through surgery and now suffering from great indigestion problem, pain, hernia and other problems which develop in body due to removal of gall bladder.

Some of the adverse effects of surgery

  • Surgery leaves a 6” long scar on a body
  • Abdominal pain remains there
  • Indigestion of food
  • Risk of hernia and kidney stone
  • Bowel movements after every meal
  • Injury to intestine, bowel and blood vessels

Let me tell you what actually Gall Bladder does in your body. It stores the bile juice secreted from liver time to time, and released in intestine when required for digestion of food. If it is absent then bile juice secreted by liver directly enters into intestine whether required or not. Gallstones found in gall bladder are formed in liver which signifies your liver is already full of stones. Removal of gall bladder does mean your all gall stones are removed; they are still present in your liver and obstructing bile ducts. Due to which body does get bile juice on time or at high amounts when not required which become the reason of frequent bowel movements.

Hernia or kidney stone and various other diseases like arthritis, hair fall, skin problem etc.., are the outcome of inadequate bile flow in body.

Some where I read that gallbladder is an important organ, but not essential for life. But think once again removal of which organ can cause number of diseases, is it really not important. If it is not important then why human body includes it from birth. Gall bladder is an important organ and necessary for healthy life style.




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Removed Gall Bladder Stones