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Dandruff is a kind of skin disorder that affects the scalp. Dandruff is a condition in which white, dry flakes of dead skin are shed from the scalp. Normally dead skin cells are shed from the scalp, but it results in dandruff only when the scalp starts shedding thick layers of these dead skin particles. Seborrheic dermatitis or Seborrhoea is a disorder of the sebaceous glands which affects the scalp. Seborrhoea produces severe dandruff and a red, itchy scalp.


Body waste and toxins deposited or retained in organs, blood and inside free places of our body, causes all type of diseases so cleaning of body in every condition guarantees a best health.


Causes of Dandruff

Some common causes of dandruff are the following:


  • Unclean habits
  • Stress and emotional problems
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema
  • Dry skin
  • Hard shampoos & sensitivity to hair care products
  • Exposure to severe cold
  • Excessive intake of oily and sweet foods


Treatment at SSOHM

At SSOHM we provide treatment for this disease which is combination of herbal and homeopathy.


HAIR CARE PACK consists of 3 medicines. These are combinations of Homoeopathic & Herbal extracts. These have been proved very successful in treating hair complaints. All age group people may apply it for their hair complaints. It does not have any side effects; in fact it eradicates the cause of hair complaints completely if taken as per recommendation.


How it works?

HAIR CARE PACK consists of three Medicines, which work as follows:


        OIL MIX -It rejuvenates the hair follicles, which make sound grip upon the hair. Consequently, stops hair falling.


        HAIR STRENGTHENING PILLS (H.S.P) -These pills remove dryness, roughness throughout the length of the hair. This makes hair smooth & lustrous.


        ORAL VITALIZER -This is the most important ingredient in hair care process that provides proper nutrition & natural strength to the hair & also detoxifies that waste material which renders weakness to the scalp for holding the hair.


Benefits of Hair Care Pack

HAIR CARE PACK works in improving the above written cause of hair complaints &improves flow of nutrition in the Hair Roots. Consequently, Hair Fall stops, roughness disappears, hair increase in length, & sometimes even lost hair may recover.




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