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Uterine fibroids are the most common non-cancerous tumors in women. Fibroids are made of muscle cells and other tissues that grow in and around the wall of the uterus, or womb. Fibroids are growths of smooth muscle and fibrous tissue. Fibroids can vary in size, from that of a bean to as large as a melon.

Fibroids affect at least 20% of all women at sometime during their life. Women aged between 30 and 50 are the most likely to develop fibroids. Overweight and obese women are at significantly higher risk of developing fibroids, compared to women of normal weight.


Body waste and toxins deposited or retained in organs, blood and inside free places of our body, causes all type of diseases so cleaning of body in every condition guarantees a best health.


Types of Fibroids


  • Intramural
    These are located in the wall of the uterus. These are the most common types of fibroids.

  • Subserosal fibroids
    These are located outside the wall of the uterus. They can develop into pedunculated fibroids (stalks). Subserosal fibroids can become quite large.

  • Submucosal fibroids
    These are located in the muscle beneath the lining of the uterus wall.

  • Cervical fibroids
    These are located in the neck of the womb (the cervix).



Most women have no symptoms. That is why most patients with fibroids do not know they have them. When symptoms do develop, they may include:


  • Anemia (as a result of heavy periods)
  • Backache
  • Constipation
  • Discomfort in the lower abdomen (especially if fibroids are large)
  • Frequent urination
  • Heavy painful periods
  • Pain in the legs
  • Painful sex
  • Swelling in the lower abdomen (especially if fibroids are large)

Other Symptoms may include:


  • Labor problems
  • Pregnancy problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Repeated miscarriages


Treatment at SSOHM

At SSOHM we provide treatment for this disease which is combination of herbal and homeopathy. The fibroids develops when your body unable to filter toxins and waste out of itself. This is the outcome of liver infection. Many problems are the direct or indirect result of inadequate bile flow (Liver secrets bile juice which is stored in gallbladder). The cure of disease comes with liver cleansing and bowel cleansing.

The medicines prescribed here for cleansing of these toxins from liver, stomach and other parts of body along with the treatment of removing fibroid from body.


The treatment is 100% safe with no side effect



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