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Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the oldest and most common forms of arthritis and is a chronic condition characterized by the breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the ends of the bones and allows easy movement of joints. The breakdown of cartilage causes the bones to rub against each other, causing stiffness, pain and loss of movement in the joint


Body waste and toxins deposited or retained in organs, blood and inside free places of our body, causes all type of diseases so cleaning of body in every condition guarantees a best health.



The most common signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis are:


  • Joint soreness after periods of overuse or inactivity.
  • Stiffness after periods of rest that goes away quickly when activity resumes.
  • Morning stiffness, which usually lasts no more than 30 minutes.
  • Pain caused by the weakening of muscles surrounding the joint due to inactivity.
  • Joint pain is usually less in the morning and worse in the evening after a day’s activity.
  • Deterioration of coordination, posture and walking due to pain and stiffness.





At SSOHM we provide treatment for this disease which is combination of herbal and homeopathy.

The Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilages in bones become weak. This happens when liver unable to performs filtration of toxins and waste out of human body. In result, body does not get the proper nutrients of food. Many bone problems are the direct result of inadequate bile flow (Liver secrets bile juice which is stored in gallbladder). The synovial fluid around all joints will decrease if bile flow is low, sometimes causing terrible pain. Many people will take cortisone injections for relief believing it, mistakenly, to be arthritis or some other inflammatory disease. The cure of course comes with liver cleansing.

The medicines prescribed here for cleansing of these toxins from liver, stomach and other parts of body along with the treatment of arthritis. So that, body will get the nutrients of your food and healing of chronic diseases become possible.

The treatment is 100% safe with no side effects.

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