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Ulcerative colitis is a disease which affects large intestine (colon) and rectum. It causes inflammation of the colon's inner lining and the rectal wall, which becomes red, swollen, and ulcerated. This means your large intestine does not absorb water as much as usual, which causes to have diarrhea.


Ulcerative colitis may affect any age group, although there are peaks at ages 15 - 30 and then again at ages 50 - 70. The disease usually begins in the rectal area, and may involve the entire large intestine over time.


Body waste and toxins deposited or retained in organs, blood and inside free places of our body, causes all type of diseases so cleaning of body in every condition guarantees a best health.


Symptoms of Ulcerative colitis

The most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis are:


  • Diarrhea (sometimes 10-20 times a day)
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Urgent to pass a bowel motion
  • Blood, mucous or pus in stools
  • Fever
  • Tenesmus (Rectal pain)
  • Weight Loss

Other symptoms that may be experienced include:


  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • A general feeling of ill health
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloating of the abdomen

Symptoms vary in frequency and severity. Approximately half of all sufferers will experience only mild symptoms. However for others, symptoms will be more severe. The severity of the symptoms tends to be related to how much of the colon is affected.


Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

In allopathy the exact cause of ulcerative colitis is not known. In research it is found that auto immune attacks own body healthy intestine tissue but why this happen and how this happen not known. But research in homoeopathy and herbal medicines proves that the immunity disorders are due to stomach and liver. When your liver and stomach fails to perform their various functions properly then these diseases occur.


Treatment at SSOHM

At SSOHM we provide the treatment of this disease through homoeopathy and herbal medicines. The toxins and waste deposits in stomach and intestine lead to immunity disorder and ulcerative colitis.In allopathy, the ulcerative colitis doesn’t have any treatment but in homoeopathy it can be cured from root. Medicines are also provided to assure that it will not occur in future.


Dr. R.K Aggarwal has been successfully treating patients suffering with ulcerative bowel syndrome for the last several years. This is done with the unique combinations of homeopathic and herbal medicines which Dr. Aggarwal has developed with his past 31 years of experience treating patients.


The treatment is 100% safe with no side effect


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