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Vitiligo is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. If the cells that produce melanin die or no longer form melanin, slowly growing white patches of irregular shapes appear on your skin.


Vitiligo usually starts as small areas of pigment loss that spread and become larger with time. These changes in your skin can result in stress and worries about your appearance.


Body waste and toxins deposited or retained in organs, blood and inside free places of our body, causes all type of diseases so cleaning of body in every condition guarantees a best health.



Vitiliogo occurs when melanocytes (melanin forming cells) fails to produce melanin — the dark pigment in the epidermis that gives your skin its normal color. The involved patch of skin then becomes white.


There are mainly two types of vitiligo with different causes


  • In Non-segmental vitiligo, the patches often become visible equally on both sides of the body, with some kind of symmetry.
    Non-segmental vitiligo is thought to be an autoimmune condition. This means that your immune system (the body’s natural defense system) does not work properly. Instead of attacking foreign cells, such as viruses, your immune system produces antibodies (infection-fighting proteins) that attack your body’s own healthy cells and tissue. If you have non-segmental vitiligo, your immune system produces antibodies that destroy the melanocyte skin cells that make melanin.

  • Segmental Vitiligo has a different form of appearance. This condition spreads more rapidly, but is considered more constant and stable than non segmental.
    Segmental vitiligo is thought to be caused by chemicals released from the nerve endings in your skin. These chemicals are poisonous to the melanocyte skin cells.



The main sign of vitiligo is pigment loss that produces milky-white patches (depigmentation) on your skin. Other less common signs may include:



  • Premature whitening or graying of the hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard
  • Loss of color in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth (mucous membranes)
  • Loss or change in color of the inner layer of your eye (retina)

Treatment at SSOHM

In allopathy it is said that, vitiligo can’t be treated, as it actual cause is not known. But in homoeopathy there is a proper treatment of it. If you read the causes of vitiligo then you find that main cause is weak immunity. In research held in USA it is found that auto immune diseases (diseases in which your autoimmune system attacks your own body) are mainly due to infected liver and stomach. At SSOHM we provide medicine to treat the root of disease which not stop its growth but also reverse the skin color and stops its reoccurrence.

At SSOHM we provide the treatment of this disease through homoeopathy and herbal medicines.

A great advantage that homoeopathic treatment offers along with the treatment of disease, it also strengthens immune system, thereby preventing you from recurrent attacks.

Dr. R.K Aggarwal has been successfully treating patients suffering with vitilogo for the last several years. This is done with the unique combinations of homeopathic and herbal medicines which Dr. Aggarwal has developed with his past 31 years of experience treating patients.


The treatment is 100% safe with no side effect


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