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Removed Gall Bladder Stones

Gall Bladder stones cannot be removed… is it true? Let just give a moment to this reports >>
These reports prove that stones removed are gallstones that are found in gall bladder and liver. The reports can’t lie and especially when it is from Dr. Lal Pathlabs.
But how is this possible? When all doctors say that gall bladder stones can’t be removed.
What is theory of Dr. R.K Aggarwal?

Firstly Dr.R.K Aggarwal is homoeopath who prescribed homoeopathy and herbal medicines. He strictly defies the option of surgery. So after a research of 30 years, he discovered medicines through which stones are removed.

The stones described of 5mm, 10mm, 18mm etc.., are actually formed from various small stones termed as multiple calculi. The medicines prescribed over here first break the stones into small pieces and then remove it in 24 hours.

The Gall Bladder stores bile juice that is pith ka ras. Small pieces of stone come out with that juice only and directly enter into intestine and with stool they pass out easily. It does not cause any pain because medicine prescribed here provide relaxation to muscles and opens the ducts so stones will remove easily. Give a look to this image of stones removal from Gall Bladder and removed stones.

You can study some cases of our patients those gall stones are removed and their removed stones can be seen.
Peoples usually don't believe this thing and they think it is myth or cheating. But if it is a cheating then from where we get the Dr. Lal pathlabs reports. Many patients trust this so they get the result that is their removed stones.
Now we are running a campaign for gall bladder stones patients.
You can watch our earlier campaign video..
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Removed Gall Bladder Stones