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Dangers of Dehydration and Importance of Kidney Cleansing

As you read every word of this article, you will discover the role of water in your body.

Do you know?

Drinking Water Moderately
is necessary for your body

The body is composed of nearly 75% water and 25% of solid substances. To provide nourishment, eliminate waste and regulate all the functions in the body, water is needed.

To explain this let me tell you something about a lady who hardly drinks water.

She was suffering from kidney stone. Her body was swelled due to dehydration.
She had been visited so many doctors. They all said the same thing. \"The Kidney must go.\" But while she was in such agony she could hardly drink water but she was not ready for surgery. Not yet...

So she came up to Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal. When she reached SSOHM, doc saw the loss of water in her body as her skin swelled and dry. So he offered her some water, she answered, \"No thanks! I hardly drink water if I do so I feel like vomiting\".
Actually due to dehydration her body contained so much toxins and waste. When she drinks water body will try to remove toxins with that. The feeling of nausea was so obvious.

This simple discovery helped HER to put her agonizing life behind...

Today she lives her life happily without pain: Vibrant and healthy

Dr. Aggarwal suggested her to keep body hydrated in optimized way. Drink moderate amount of water. Too much amount of water can also damage your kidney.
Most modern societies do not even realize that they can be chronically dehydrated. As if when people feel thirsty, they think water is not enough and they prefer soft drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol and other manufactured beverages. They don't realize that when body feels thirsty, it requires plain and pure water. Instead they prefer various beverages in belief that it will accomplish the need of body for water. It's not true!

Dr. Aggarwal advises to replace other all liquids with plain pure water.

\"But everyone knows that beverages contain water.\" Right ?

In real, intake of these beverages makes body more dehydrated. It is true that beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks and juices contain water but they also contain caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals that act as strong dehydrators.

The more you drink these beverages, the more dehydrated you become because the effects they create in the body are exactly opposite to the ones that are produced by water.

Dehydration is a dangerous disease that may cause various diseases. A severe case of dehydration can also lead to death. The damage of Kidney and Liver are some of the major outcomes of dehydration.

Kidney Stones
The main functions of the kidneys are to keep the blood pure and healthy and maintain proper fluid balance in the body. To accomplish this difficult feat, the kidneys constantly monitor normal blood volume and filter from the blood the right quantity of urine to keep it balanced.

When the kidneys are incapable of sufficiently separating the urine from the blood, part of the urine continues to circulate throughout the body, depositing urinary waste products in the blood vessels, joints, tissues, and organs. Stones in kidneys start off as tiny crystals and can eventually become as large as egg.

Kidney Cleanse
Kidney performs various vital functions in the body like maintain fluid and electrolyte balance; regulate the blood pressure, effort to clean blood from toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals.
Kidney stones greatly undermine these vital functions, which may further increase the chances of accumulating heavy metals in the body and raise its general level of toxicity. This may lead to infection, high blood pressure, heart disease, brain disorder, cancer and many other inhabitants.
Kidney Cleanse is a process provided by ssohm to remove kidney stones naturally. The stones are removed with urine without pain. The process of kidney cleansing is safe and doesn't have any side effects.


The following symptoms indicate the presence of crystals and stones in the kidneys or bladder:

A dark or whitish color under the eyes,
Puffy or swollen eyes in morning
Deep wrinkles under and around the eyes
Chronic pain in lower back
Swelling of feet and legs
Constant fear or anxiety
Kidney cleanse is necessary to remove stones from your body. Make your body fit and fine.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. R.K Aggarwal defies or against the option of surgery for any disease.
The medicines prescribed by him are combination of herbal and homeopathy herbs. They don't have any side effects.
Thousands of patients have been treated by Dr Aggarwal for whom surgery was last option, but now they are living their life happily and vibrantly. Most important part is everyone is treated without operation or surgery.

The treatment is 100% safe and rectify your disease without operation.



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