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Liver Cleanse and Removal of Gall Bladder Stones Program

Do You Know?

  • If one experienced persisting difficulties in your physical and emotional health, your liver may be congested with toxic compounds that are trapped in deposits of hardened bile.
  • Gall stones are formed in Liver and some occur in Gall Bladder
  • Every next disease is directly or indirectly linked with the liver Performance

Benefits of Liver Cleansing program

  • Removes all excess fat from liver
  • Get bile flowing freely from the liver again
  • Elimination of toxic waste that our liver have filtered out
  • Dissolved and pass out accumulated Gall Stones that are stored in liver and Gall Bladder
  • Regeneration of damaged and destroyed cells of liver.

Gallstones in liver and Gallbladder


The liver flush or Liver Cleanse is the simple, safe and painless method to clean your liver from all the impurities. The results of liver cleanse speak for themselves. Once you see hundreds of green, beige-colored, brown or black gallstones floating in the toilet bowl during your first liver cleanse, you will intuitively know that you are on to something extremely important in your life.

Gallstones removed after Liver Cleansing


If one is suffering from any of the following symptoms then his liver may have numerous gall stones,

Food CarvingsDiarrhoeaConstipation
Breathing DifficultiesHepatitis and other infectionsHigh Cholesterol
PancreatitisHeart DiseaseBrain Disorders
Duodenal ulcersNausea and Vomiting A “bilious” or angry personality
DepressionImpotence and other sexual problems Prostate Diseases
Urinary ProblemsHormonal imbalances PMT and menopausal Symptoms
Problems with VisionPuffy EyesAll Skin Disorders
Liver spots on hands and facial areaExcessive weight or wastingStrong shoulder and back pain
Pain at the top of the shoulder bladeFrozen shoulder Stiff neck
Dark color under the eyesCoat tongueScoliosis
GoutAsthmaHeadaches and Migraines
Tooth and Gum ProblemsYellowness of eyes and SkinSciatica
Numbness and Paralysis of legs Joint diseases Osteoporosis
ObesityChronic FatigueKidney Disease
CancerMS, ME, Cold extremitiesExcessive heat and Perspiration
Very greasy Hair etc.

By removing the stones through a series of liver cleanses and consequently maintaining a reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle, the liver returns to its natural efficiency, and most, if not all, symptoms of discomfort begin to subside. Energy and well-being notably increase with each cleanse.

We at SSOHM provide you facility of Liver Cleanse and removal of Gall Bladder Stones


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