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Secrets of Good Health-Role of Stomach

Do you know?
Your body’s worst enemy is


Are you suffering from Asthma?
It’s your Stomach

Are you losing your memory?
It’s your Stomach

Are your arteries diseased?
It’s your Stomach

Or maybe you have macular degeneration? Osteoporosis? Chronic Hives? Gallbladder disease? Angina? Arthritis?
It’s all your stomach...

Here’s one simple trick to tame your stomach and live healthier than ever…

If you are thinking that, "How could my stomach be responsible for all these problems when I don’t have stomach ache, diarrhoea or nausea all the time?"
To explain this let me tell you something about Mr. Santosh
He was suffering from leg arteries disease and suggested for legs amputation.
He had been visited so many doctors. They all said the same thing. "The legs must go." But while he was in such agony he could barely lift his feet off the ground to walk, he wasn’t ready to lose his legs. Not yet...
So he came up to Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal. When he reached SSOHM, he was tired and his legs were in pain. He sat in front of Dr. Aggarwal and spilled his story. Dr. Aggarwal listened carefully, asked a few question, wrote some notes and suggested him a course of medicine for stomach.
Mr. Santosh was shocked and stammered in low voice,
“But doc, there is nothing wrong with my stomach”.
Doc replied, "Oh, but I believe there is, a report can confirm this".

This simple discovery helped Santosh to put his agonizing life behind him...

Today he walks around like a young man: Vibrant and healthy

Actually he was suffering from hypochlorydria.
And he doesn’t suffer from this alone. More than half the world’s population suffers from this demon. 99% of them don’t even know it.
Simply, with hypochlorydria your stomach can’t digest your food and nutrients properly because it doesn’t produce enough acid for normal digestion. Its “symptoms” include:

"But everyone knows that heartburn's caused
by too much acid..." Right?

Dr. Aggarwal has been treating numerous patients suffered heart burn, from last 31 years’. These numbers revealed shocking reality. Most of them don’t have so much of acid instead they have very little.

When they took medicines to increase acid the heartburn goes forever.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, look to your stomach for the remedy. Mr Santosh did. And today he’s healthy AND still has his legs.

Mrs Sunita also did..
When she first visited Dr Aggarwal, his macular degeneration was so advanced that he said it was like, "putting a coin right in front of each eye and trying to look around it..." Dr Aggarwal primary diagnosis: Hypochlorydria. And today, Sam’s eyesight is completely restored.

But why don’t doctors immediately look to your stomach when you visit them with one or more of the "symptoms"? Because mostly doctors don’t look for the real cause of the problem.
Unlike other doctors, Dr. R.K Aggarwal defies or against the option of surgery for any disease.
The medicines prescribed by him are combination of herbal and homeopathy herbs. They don't have any side effects.
Thousands of patients have been treated by Dr Aggarwal for whom surgery was last option, but now they are living their life happily and vibrantly. Most important part is everyone is treated without operation or surgery.

The treatment is 100% safe and rectify your disease without operation.



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